TNS Creators Cohort 3 — AI Visual Art— Week 3

Theme: “A view of one of many of our Network States” submitted by Ojas

Matt Harder
Mar 5, 2023
Camellia — Image 1
Camellia — Image 2
Camellia — Image 3
Abhisek —1 — Description: “That Bitcoin symbol is an actual building, built by hard money, and home to thousands of families. The rims are filled with mining rigs. The rims efficiently store sunlight, which powers the mining rigs.”
Abhisek — 2 — Description: This postcard represents the historic moment when the TNS flag was flown on Europa, one of Jupiter’s coldest moons. [the vehicle below is not a tank but a space vehicle designed to navigate the icy cold crusts of Europa]
Abhisek — 3 — Description: Need to go somewhere don’t want to fire up the aerial Lamborghini ? Order a TNS taxi and have it pick you up within 3.69 seconds!
Ojas — 1 — concept TNS shinkansen
Jim Nomad — 1 — “A View of Network State Crowdfunded on the Sky”
Ojas — 2 — “TNS landscape w/ some land for permaculture”
Ojas — 3 — “TNS transport capable of commuting between our nodes { Earth, Oceans, Mars }”



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